Beautiful leather bags

Is what we do...

NKHenry is a handbags and accessories brand based in Philadelphia, PA founded in 2007 by designer Nikki Henry. Nikki launched her very first collection in 2009- a small collection of minimalist silhouettes like the “Just Shopping” and Marni bags. We believe in the minimalist tradition of design- Casual. City. Chic is our motto... NKHenry products are made in collaboration with local sewing collectives and small USA based production studios.

Leather Care

Protect your bag from accidental stains with a leather protectant. You can find them online or shoe repair shops.

Clean your bag about once a year
You can clean it yourself if your bag only needs a light, general cleaning. For deep cleaning and tough to remove stains find a leather handbag specialist.For general cleaning, we like Leather Honey products.

Soften the leather
If you like your leather buttery soft here is a trick to soften it up: Lay the bag on a flat surface and, starting from the bottom, roll it up. Re-roll starting from a different side of the tote. Then turn it inside out and roll it again.