Beautiful. Leather. Bags

Is what we do...

NKHenry is a small handbags and accessories brand based in Philadelphia, PA in the Spring of 2009. We believe in the minimalist tradition of design- Casual. City. Chic is our motto... We host trunk shows throughout the year and have studio hours in locations like New York and Los Angeles. We hope you find something that you'll love!


                                                       Leather Care

Protect your bag
Protect your bag from accidental stains with a leather protectant. You can find them online or shoe repair shops.

Clean your bag about once a year
You can clean it yourself if your bag only needs a light, general cleaning. For deep cleaning and tough to remove stains find a leather handbag specialist.For general cleaning, we like Leather Honey products.

Soften the leather
If you like your leather buttery soft here is a trick to soften it up: Lay the bag on a flat surface and, starting from the bottom, roll it up. Re-roll starting from a different side of the tote. Then turn it inside out and roll it again.