Thank you for showing interest in becoming an ambassador for NKHenry! Here are some next steps: 

1.      Complete the Ambassador form below

2.      Post a picture of one of our products on Instagram. You can go to our website and find a picture. If you would like to model one of our products,you will receive a discount code to purchase products to use for your post upon acceptance to the ambassador program. 

3.      Tag @nkhenrylifestyle

4.      Include your discount code. ***Your discount code it going to be the code that you insert in the form below. Please take note of it. It is a 25% discount code for your followers and  you get 20% of the sale all in one  unique code!  FYI: This discount code is 5% more than the mailing list sign up discount! This gives your followers incentive to shop.

If you have any questions, please review our Ambassador FAQs on the bottom of the page. Otherwise, feel free to contact us at 

Note: You will receive notification within 24 hrs. of acceptance into our program. If it do not receive notification within that time frame , please contact us at 



How will I be paid? 
We normally send payments via your preferred payment option.

How much will I be paid? 
You will be paid 20% of the profit. This is calculated as follows: 20% of actual revenue from a sale.

When will I be paid? 
You are paid for every 5 sales that you generate with your unique discount code or bi-weekly, whichever comes first.

 What if I don't get 5 sales? 

No worries! You can request your payment after two weeks for new ambassadors (less than 3 months) or anytime for ambassadors with us 3 months or more. Just contact via email. 

Why do you do the commission style for posts? Can I just receive a one-time payment before I post? 

Typically, our policy with accounts under 50k followers is to not pay up front or send products. Sorry for any inconvenience.

How will you know that I have sold anything? 
We track everything through your unique discount code😊


What should I post/How should I get started? 
1. Post a picture of one of our products on Instagram. You can go to our website and find a picture. 
2. Tag @nkhenrylifestyle in your post 
3. Include your unique discount code. 
Can you send me pictures to post? 
There are plenty of photos on the website that you can use. However, if you need some inspiration, take a look at what other bloggers have posted for us. Also, you can look at our page @nkhenrylifestyle. 
I usually only post new content that I have created. How can I reconcile this with posting content from your site? 
That is totally fine. Feel free to purchase a product from the shop using the discount code that we provided you with  as an ambassador. 


I am located in another country. Will this be a problem? 
Not at all! We provide ship worldwide! 

***You will receive support as an ambassador including tips on posting, new product blasts, bonus incentives when your sales exceed benchmarks(Details coming soon) and more…

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