Beautiful. Leather. Bags

Is what we do...

NKHenry is a small handbags and accessories brand based in Philadelphia, PA. We believe in the minimalist tradition of design- Casual. City. Chic is our motto... We like funky, trendy stuff too though so don't be surprised if we make something a little "different" than you're used to from us... We like to keep it fresh :)

We host trunk shows throughout the year and have studio hours in locations like New York and Los Angeles(coming soon) periodically. We hope you find something that you'll love!

Leather Care.

We use a variety of leather types for our products. Typically our leather totes and handbags are made with cowhide leather, goatskin or sheepskin. The leather type is usually noted in the product description.We recommend using high quality leather cleaners to keep the leather supple, cleaned and conditioned.

If you would like a product recommendation for your bag, shoot us an email at